The cost of a youth camps varies depending on a number of issues. The standard charge ranges from $300-$1200 per week. The day camps charge $100-$1300 per week. There are a number of issues that should help you determine whether a youth camp is overcharging or whether they have fairly priced their camp.

Facilities and Activities. The quality and variety of the facilities and amenities available at the camp influence the cost implications. There are programs that can also prove to be costly such as ropes courses, horseback riding, climbing walls, water-skiing and so on. Make sure the youth camp can avail to you an itemized list of the services, programs, and amenities that are billed to your child during their camp stay

Personnel. The quality and number of staffers available is also a huge issue. Camps with a better campers-to-staff ratio tends to have a higher billing. This is also shaped by the ratio of full-time staff to part-time staffers. A camp could have core staffers, then sports trainer, general camp activity coaches, medical staffers and so on and bill you based on how many staffers your team will need, during the camp stay.

Camper to Counselor Ratios. The counselors are the most critical staff members in a youth camp. Therefore the best camps are the ones that have a high number of available counselors to attend to the kids. Even then this pushes the cost of maintaining the camp upwards. Since camping is about relationships all premium campsites hire certified, experienced and well-trained counselors for the youth camp experience.

The size of The Team. Most camping sites lower the overall costs for teams by offering discounted group packages. This means that the larger the crowd the lower the charges per head for the team. This is owing to economies of scale. That’s why it is vital to book the camping experience as a group package rather than individual or smaller teams.

The Extra Services. Depending on the facilities there are services, programs, items or facilities that are only available to premium payers. Some are charged as extra, outside of the payment for the typical usage of the camping facility. You will have to choose whether you want to pay extra costs for the premium services or extra services that they have listed.

 At the end of the day make sure the campsite management can justify the cost implications attached to various services and facilities in the camp.