Different youth camps have different amenities and facilities depending on the size, purpose, and level of sophistication of the camp. The quality, services, and a number of programs also vary widely. There are amenities that are basic and essential in all youth camps irrespective of its location or design. The type, variety, and quality of amenities significantly influence the cost of camping.

Accommodation. A typical youth camp has hostels, rooms, suites, camper vans and any other type of accommodations to cater to different groups. The accommodation should also have fans, sleeping pads, tables and even a refrigerator if possible. The best youth camps have different types of accommodation to cater for different genders, ages or single persons and even families.

Toilet and Shower Facilities. Proper campsite must have proper washrooms with functioning shower and toilet facilities. They should also have washrooms that cater to kids and even the disabled people. They should maintain a proper ratio of person to the washroom so that they do not have strained facilities which may increase the risk of infection.

Kitchen & Dining Room. A typical youth camp should have both cafeterias as well as self-catering services. There should also be large cool rooms and chest freezer. They need to have commercial gas and electric cooktops. Besides these, they should also have adequate cutlery and utensils. There should also be the installation for cold and hot water as well as an industrial dishwasher.

Meeting/Recreation Hall. There ought to be a large hall indoors for meetings as well as recreational services. Most recreational areas have a movable stage, whiteboard, TV/DVD players, table tennis, stackable chairs, projector screen & stand.  Depending on how many indoor activities you have you may have to choose a youth camp with larger or small recreational halls for your games and meetings.

Sports Equipment. Youth camps should be primarily geared towards providing a variety of sports games for the kids. That’s why you need pontoons, basketball rings, indoor bowls, and volley ball net. You also need 5 Double seater kayaks, PFDs, 4 Canadian open top canoes, and indoor games kits. You could also encourage the campers to come with their own games equipment and kits.

Most camping sites have different varieties depending on the nature of their clientele, location, original plan and the market they cater to. Always make sure you inquire about the available amenities before booking the campsite.